Life hinges on relationships. Hettie Brittz, international speaker and author, and founder of Evergreen Parenting, has developed material that helps parents, educators and children understand and develop the dynamics of intra- and interpersonal relationships for life. Families and classrooms can be transformed when parents and educators understand the need-behaviours of children, and learn to adapt and respond to these needs.

In this seminal work Hettie Brittz identifies the four major temperament types ("trees") of children (and adults) and how to deal with and shape them in family and educational contexts.This book you will teach you that
every child is unique and needs to be parented/educated creatively
every child has a valuable calling and destiny
every child needs to be "pruned" and "cultivated" with care
adults can bend saplings without breaking them when they bend them according to their inborn nature (temperament)
there is a manual for each child, after all!
there is hope for every parent-child relationship

Growing Kids with Character 2.0 is an updated edition of the original best-seller, with new baby and adult profiles and free access to the latest online profiles for pre-schoolers, tweens and teens.

Also includes a bibliography for further reading.

Consumer insight:
Fundamental information and guidance for every adult, parent or educator dealing with children of any age group!
Release date: 1 February 2016
Stock code: 9780620568920
ISBN: 978-0-620-56892-0
Barcode: 9780620568920
RRP: R169.95
Format: Softcover
Page count: 336
Book size: 245mm x 165mm
Genre: Parenting / education
Status: Available

On your marks, get set ... grow!
Each sapling according to his nature
Know your saplings; know yourself
The palm tree
The rose bush
The lollipop
The pine tree
A manual for palm trees
The palm tree dialect
A manual for rose bushes
The rose bush dialect
A whole nursery - under one roof!
Grafted trees


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