Extra Ordinary the Film is a love letter to the world, and by world, we really do mean to include everyone. The film was inspired by a group of passionate young adults, called CORE, who have gone from beach destinations to city neighbourhoods in order to demonstrate practical love and serve any and every one open to receiving God’s goodness.

For over eight years the CORE team has seen thousands of lives impacted, changed, and transformed. These experiences have been documented in our film aptly titled ‘Extra Ordinary’. The best part of this story, though, is that the film tells the story of how ordinary people can be used to do incredible things, simply by saying “yes” to God and taking a step of faith. The CORE team is not made up of pastors, full-time evangelists, or senior church leaders – it is filled with young adults, from all over South Africa. Some are students, some have jobs, some have been Christians for many years, and some are just starting their journey. Ordinary men and women.

We went into the making of this film with a simple desire. To show people that the biggest challenge is saying “yes”.

Through the raw footage captured you can see this for yourself. As we have journeyed together over the last 8 years we have discovered that God isn’t looking for superheroes to change the world, he is simply looking for His children to say yes to Him. We’ve discovered that we don’t need to wait for God to make a difference, but that actually He is waiting for you. He wants to partner with you to bring change.

During the course of the film we see what God can do when you choose to make your ordinary self available to His will. The film also addresses some simple, yet profound questions, including:
Who is eligible to partner with Father God?
What is the Gospel?
Who is God?
Can Love really make a difference?
Does God Love?
Do miracles still happen?

The answers to these questions, the footage of God impacting communities, and the message that being ordinary does not eliminate you from living an extra-ordinary life is what we would like to share with the world.

Join us on this journey of Love, we dare you... find out what Love can do when you choose to love...


Consumer insight:
Release date: 9 December 2015
Stock code: 0700083406354
Barcode: 0700083406354
RRP: R129.00
Format: DVD
FPB classification: G/2015/1006
Running time: 94 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Status: New release

Mostly featuring live outreach footage of a group of ordinary people, and interviews with John & Lisa Crumpton, Paul Manwaring, Dano McCollam, Bishop Joseph & Barbara Garlington, Bob & Kimberly Johnson and Tracy Evans.



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