This is my 51st recording a milestone for me and it is called “Memories are made of this” 36 years on stage, over 5000 shows in many parts of the world, over 2 million km’s travelled on our country’s roads (besides innumerable flights) have brought me to the stage (forgive the pun) where I now can look back at an illustrious career filled with many good memories. Have I come to the end of the road? Is it time to hang the boots? By no means. The difference between a ‘has been’ and a ‘Legend’ is simply this: The story in song continues. Music has brought me much joy and fulfilment and I have made so many friends and fans over these years who have appreciated and supported me in a wonderful way. Thank you so much for buying this cd. As I look back, I cannot help but to reminisce and have a chuckle at some of the good times we have had together...

This is what this album is about, taking a trip down ‘Memory Lane’ with unforgettable songs such as Ramblin’ Rose, Tea for two, Autumn Leaves, Love is a many splendored thing, Stranger in Paradise, Love is a beautiful song, Children of the wind, Take my heart etc. I hope for you the listener, this trip will be as enjoyable as it was for me recording it. Is this my swan song? I do not know, but one thing I know “Thank you dear Lord for a wonderful gift !” And as Shakespeare wrote: “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.”

Put your feet up, relax, enjoy these songs... AND LET THE LEGEND CONTINUE !



Consumer insight:
Release date: 4 November 2013
Stock code: GBM011
Barcode: 6002471011329
RRP: R99.99
Format: CD
Genre: Classical Contemporary
Status: Available

Track Listing:
*Memories are made of this
*Ramblin rose
*Autumn leaves
*Take my heart
*Tea for two
*Love is a many splendoured thing
*Children of the winde
*Too beautiful to cry
*Stranger in Paradise
*Love is a beautiful song
*Me without you
*Dreaming of you
*Confetti in the air
*Waikiki beach
*Mutterin’ sweet nothings


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