"Hero - Every home needs one".

With songs such as; “Finish Strong, Family man, Courageous en Legacy “-this contemporary Rock and country sounds will speak to men and inspire them on a deeper level.

Artists include: Gerhard Steyn, Ghapi, Stass, Anton Botha, Adam Barnard and Freddie Wessels.

Courageous ft Freddie Wessels
(Advance) Single serviced to 22 radio stations (2 million listeners) · Full CD to be serviced to key radio · Reviews solicited in major Christian/crossover magazines · Info & write-up to Christian magazines for possible features
Consumer insight:
Brand new songs to inspire men to be the Hero their household needs
Release date: 1 September 2014
Stock code: MARD593
Barcode: 6002471011718
RRP: R90.00
Format: CD
Genre: Contemporary Rock and Country
Status: Available

Track Listing:
1.Courageous ft Freddie Wessels
2.It Starts Here ft Gerard Steyn
3.Finish Strong ft Ghapi
4.Family Man ft Anton Botha
5.Man Of God ft Stass
6.Your Heart ft Adam Barnard
7.Save The World ft Anton Botha
8.House Of Their Dreams ft Freddie Wessels
9.Love Her Like She’s Leaving ft Anton Botha
10.Amazing Grace ft Ghapi
11.I’d Rather Have Jesus ft Adam Barnard
12.Today (As For Me And My House) ft Stass
13.Look Up To The Son ft Ghapi
14.A Man’s Prayer ft Gerard Steyn

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