Anja has a passion for God and if she gets the opportunity to minister and spend time in God’s presence she will not think twice. Anja’s second album is exactly this and compares to albums of Julius Magan, Mervis, Ernie Amos, etc. The recording captures a soaking session with guest artist Mervis.

“We decided to change the flavour of the second album and make it a live soaking session cd, where we captured spontaneous songs while we recorded. We had a few written songs: "love" "wind" "run" "alles" and "war" and out of these few songs new words were born. We minister on camps, conferences, outreaches etc. where we go into spontaneous worship and we wanted to catch that moment so that people can soak in their cars and living rooms or where ever they want to - not always being able to be on a camp or at a worship meeting.”

Love (Radio-Edit)
(Advance) Single serviced to 22 radio stations (2 million listeners) · Full CD to be serviced to key radio · Reviews solicited in major Christian/crossover magazines · Info & write-up to Christian magazines for possible features · Geloof Hoop en Liefde

Consumer insight:
Release date: 13 January 2014
Stock code: MARD573
Barcode: 6002471011435
RRP: R99.99
Format: CD
Genre: Intimate Worship
Status: Available

Track Listing:
1. War 2. Alles 3. Love (part 1) 4. Love (part 2) 5. Run 6. Moments 7. Wind (part 1) 8. Wind (part 2)
9. Wind (part 3) 10. Love (Radio edit)

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