Maranatha Record Company was founded in 1984 by Lukie Carelsen, initially to establish the first studio in South Africa dedicated exclusively to Christian artists and their music, but of necessity it rapidly expaned to manufacturing and distribution as well. Since then, with almost three decades of experience in the production and distribution of Christian music, Maranatha Record Company has become the undisputed industry leader in our country, with some of the most experienced staff in the industry.
Maranatha has been in existence for almost 30 years and has grown to be one of the biggest wholesale and distribution channels in South Africa. It is the largest Christian record label in South Africa and boasts the most Christian gold and platinum releases in South Africa.
The Maranatha group currently consists of 4 companies:


Maranatha Record Company has become synonymous with Gospel music in South Africa. The label is a pioneer in producing and distributing Gospel music in our nation. Each year, Maranatha is dedicated to introducing new songs and promoting key local and international releases.
We manufacture and distribute local and international Christian music and related products to various markets in Southern Africa. Maranatha has multiple avenues of marketing and sales partnerships and strategies are constantly pursued, to ensure the broadest exposure possible for Gospel music.
We currently own and distributes 6 local labels, and represents 5 major international labels, as well as a number of smaller independent international labels.


Maranatha Christian Publishers ("MCP") was founded with the aim of and distributing Christian books and media products to retail stores and churches throughout Africa. It is our hope that our passion will result in a greater awareness, and the consequent promotion of the Gospel throughout our continent.
     MCP is committed to publishing and promoting Christian works that equip, educate and empower others to overcome their struggles in life and step into their destiny! MCP has already enjoyed an impressive track record of growth and achievement, while developing a high reputation for its product quality and range.
     MCP supplies a large selection of books and DVDs that are on the cutting edge of our ever-changing industry.

If you have problems finding this release (or any other Maranatha product) in shops, please send an e-mail to and we'll help you find a stockist.


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