On 21 June this year, Chris Rohman, guitarist of Sanctus Real, wrote a note to accompany their new radio single:

Dear radio friends,

I’d like to be honest out of the gate with you and say this letter isn’t part of a label's strategic marketing plan. Don’t be fooled! No, this is a letter from the heart of a guitar player speaking on behalf of a band he helped form in his parents basement 20 years ago. And my heart has been rocked this week with some of the tragic events that have transpired in our country. I genuinely believe in marketing plans - I love them in fact, but I also believe that God doesn’t need our plans to dictate how He wants things to happen.

Well over a year ago my good friend and fellow band member shared how he felt called to leave this band. The journey we’ve been on all these years is nothing short of remarkable and Matt and I were blessed to be able to write many songs together. Over the course of 7 records with Sparrow, these songs found their way into the hearts of people all over the world - thanks to people like you. The countless stories we’ve heard of the impact they have made remains the catalyst as to why we have continued on.

We’ve already begun writing new songs that will hopefully continue the legacy of the cause we started 20 years ago. I get asked all the time, ‘what does your band name mean?’ And I tell people from every walk of life the same thing. We desire to be transparent and REAL about our faith in Christ and His love for us. That means in the good and in the bad the only thing we have complete assurance and hope in is our relationship with the Living God. In times of fear, in times of doubt, in times of chaos - God’s love will prevail.

‘This Is Love’ is a song we recorded earlier this year with no real plans of releasing to radio. We sought out advice from numerous people within our industry and ultimately felt like it wouldn’t be in our best interest to release a single without a proper promotion and label team in place. I suppose I’ll add the fact that no one thought it should be a single on top of everything else we already saw as working against us. I’ll also add in case you couldn’t read between the lines - this was all strategy to be sure we protected us, our brand, our band, etc. and so forth.

Here we are though - and you’re reading this. So what changed? Was it desperation on our part? Was it a 'now’s the right time' thing? Did we just get bored and figure why not? I can honestly say no to all of this and say that God just moved something in me. Releasing this song to radio has not been on my mind whatsoever. I would even tell you that I’m scared to do it - but that would go against the steadfast faith I have that I truly believe everyone needs to hear the message in this song.

So for what it’s worth we offer up this song about God’s love. That He would do with it what He wants and nothing less.

Thanks for reading -
In Him - Chris Rohman, Sanctus Real


[Published 13 July 2016]
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